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Valley Sage Tattoo Balm Applied to Woman's Thigh Tattoo

"It puts the lotion... in the trash.."

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100% Natural & Organic

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What People Are Saying...

Wonderful. I’ve been getting tattooed for over 10 years now & my tattoos have never looked & felt better. Wonderful customer service as well.

Doug C

Loving this balm! Love how easy it is to apply and how my skin feels after applying. my tattoos love it as much as I do as the tattoo colors look as good as they did when I first got them! the fact that they are local to me is even better and service is spot on!


I didn't know I needed this! This totally brought my 5 year old ink back to life! You could save hundreds on touch ups by using this cream daily. Highly recommended!

Eli F

This Valley Sage tattoo balm is truly that THANG. I've definitely been one to slack on tattoo aftercare, but since adding this to my daily routine, there's no goin back! I've noticed my tattoos seem as vibrant as the first month I got them. Not to mention this stuff contains entirely natural and organic ingredients and smells so yummy!

Abby C

This is part of my daily skincare routine! It makes a real difference. I love that it doesn't have any fragrance added, but still smells really good. Kinda like chocolate meets honey yummmmm

Jesse W

Definitely using this for all my tattoos from now on! The scent is mild and really nice! My tattoos love this balm as much as I do. It makes them lusciously vivid and all the colors pop again. Great to use before taking photos!

Justin R

I love this tattoo balm, it smells great, feels amazing and best of all keeps my new ink hydrated and looking fresh without any petroleum jelly or nasty chemicals. Aside from using it to treat fresh ink its great to keep applying it to keep tattoos vibrant and looking new. Thanks for making such an amazing product Valley Sage!

Matt T.

I live in Western New York State where the cold weather is just miserable for hair and skin. I am so happy with this purchase. I usually use an unscented lotion on my new tattoos but this product worked better and it seemed to heal quicker.

Steph R.

Cool stuff! Would purchase again. Bf and I love it. It makes my tattoos more vibrant. He likes to use it all over not just on tattoos. Really good balm in general.


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